Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tricks & Treats....just around the corner!

Time to start thinking about Halloween!
Maybe you would like to be a Beautiful Fairy.....or.....a
Scary Godmother!
Take a look at these cuties......! Or, maybe you have an idea of your own. My fairytale Poofs can be done in all colors.....hmmmm, how a Mermaid!
Trick or Treat!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Where Has Summer Gone?

Is it me, or is summer coming to a close? Today, the weather was cool, with cloud-filled a late autmn day. The only difference.....the trees still had their leaves.

Every year I watch for the signs of fall. I watch certain trees that are my first clues that summer is almost over. I call them my "trigger" trees. What are my trigger trees telling me you ask? That fall is just around the corner. Some trees are showing a hint of color, as I love the fall season. I think it may be my favorite season of them all. Everything it conjures up in my mind....harvest festivals, apple picking, cozy sweaters and fresh baked apple pies.....yum!

But, I am rushing the season just a bit....but I am sure looking forward to it.....I think the Tree Sprites feel the same way....